What is Noopept?

N-Phenylacetal-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester is sold under the brand name Noopept and is a pro-drug of cycloprolyglycine, promoted as a nootropic. A nootropic is a substance used to enhance memory, mood and cognitive function. The drug was developed in Russia where it is used to improve cognitive function, memory and learning for patients who have sustained brain damage such as a stroke or concussion. The evidence for this is, however, limited, and as an unscheduled drug it is not approved by the USA, nor can it be legally sold in the US as a dietary supplement. Noopept is contraindicated in those suffering from high blood pressure and certain medial conditions.

How Does Noopept Work?

Nootropic drugs are known as “Smart Drugs” because this drug category as a whole can have an enhancing effect on areas of the brain responsible for focus, cognition, memory and neurological deficits. Most nootropic drugs have been proven to improve conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and other types of brain traumas. One such nootropic drug is Noopept �” a synthetic alternative to Piracetam. The required dosage of Noopept is, however, significantly lower than Piracetam to receive the same benefits �” 4800mg of piracetam as compared to only 25 �” 30mg of Noopept. Noopept seems to provide a neuroprotective effect in patients although researchers are as yet unable to explain exactly why this occurs.

In some animal-based studies, Noopept has been shown to prevent pro-inflammatory cytokines and free radical accumulation, as well as neurotrophin deficit, excitotoxicity, and ionic imbalances. Effects appear to vary, and while some users have experienced minute changes in their cognitive and memory abilities, others have experienced a significant increase in their memory and ability to recall small details. As yet, however, the neuro protective qualities identified in Noopept apparently has little or no effect on unimpaired brain function, and the uninjured user will experience no improvement in brain function.

Benefits and Positive Effects of Noopept

Noopept seems to be increasing in potential. With more beneficial short- and long-term effects and little negative side-effects common to all nootropic drugs (such as headaches and stomach distress), as a synthetic alternative Noopept appears to have even less potential side-effects requiring lower dosages to provide neuroprotective effects to brain impaired individuals. Researchers continue to pursue the failings, and the benefits of Noopet, as well as other nootropic drugs that fall under the “Smart Drug” umbrella and experts, see Noopept as the newest wave of safe medicine to improve cognition and memory deficits efficiently. Drugs like Noopept has the potential to improve the severest mental conditions like the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia – which makes further research into this area of nootropic drugs worthwhile.

Long and Short Term Effects of Noopept

Both the short- and long-term effects have proven to be active and beneficial with increased attention span, overall improvement in cognition and greater memory capacity. Results from tests conducted on rabbits have shown no allergic, toxic or direct health risks associated with Noopept.
There seem to be limited unwanted side effects with the use of Noopept as the low dosage does not appear to have any adverse impact on the stomach. Common side effects of all nootropics are headaches and stomach discomfort.

In conclusion, Noopept is a peptide promoted as a natural way of improving cognitive function in brain impaired individuals. Clinical studies suggest that the drug may increase memory retention and recall, have anti-anxiety effects and improve or repair neuron growth patterns in the hippocampus. As the results differ widely from person to person, it ‘s hard to determine just how effective Noopept would truly be for an individual as it comes down to personal needs and lifestyle choices as well as current cognitive ability.

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